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Stellar Dreams, featuring keyboard player "Bill the Bee" from the Netherlands, was conceived as an ambient and worldly jazzy tune. 

I modified a dance rhythm that I found in the recording program "Garage Band" and doubled its tempo and added effects. Then I started jamming over it and this is how I found the central theme. It is moody and relaxing yet it keeps going and going. Next I added the melodies. In the first part I used a phaser and a DI guitar and the second part was done directly with a Sure M57 mike and the amplifier. 

I wanted to add something extra to it though and this is how the collaboration with "Bill the Bee" started. I invited him to add a piano part in the middle and he came up with a sampled saxophone solo that really adds to the atmosphere and texture of the tune. He used a Roland F07 keyboard and DAW software. 

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WDB Sax V1FX.jpeg
Keyboardplayer "Bill the Bee"
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