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Long Tall J always said that he doesn't like reggaeton because the rhythm is too monotonous. His nephew and his girlfriend are big fans though and reggaeton never fails to get a smile on their faces. 😀

So that constituted a challenge for him: create a reggaeton tune that isn't boring and makes them happy too!

To create the drum 🥁 rhythms he used samples and in some cases multiplied or even tripled them using different ones. This formed the kind of "messy swing" that you often hear in Caribbean and South American music. 

For the keyboards 🎹 he used three different samples and the other keyboards he played him self via MIDI. 

The guitar sound 🎸 in the middle was found by chance while experimenting with different sounds that are in Logic Pro X. "It is like you hear a home made guitar with a cheap phaser that is wrongly set but somehow it fits. It gives this kind of "dragging feeling."

Regular visitors to the site know that Long Tall J is more into rock and prog. True! But Long Tall J loves fusion and is not a true purist as some musicians are. He did have some doubts at first but now this project is finished he actually likes the rhythm a lot more than before. 😂​

So here is Reggaeton dedicated to "J&M'. Thanks for the inspiration guys!

LTJ logo.png

Long Tall J goes Reggaeton🤣

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