SCI-FI started when I changed my recording program to Logic Pro X and I got interested in MIDI. As an experiment I decided to create the intro of this piece that wholly consists of keyboard parts. When it was finished I decided to put it to rest for the moment.


A few weeks later I got the idea to turn it into a sort of tune that would have the atmosphere and feel of science fiction. So a lot of spacious sounds and being very evocative.

The tune is also a trip into space and an excursion into our minds. About the beauty of our planet, the solar system and beyond as well as about us needing to be humble and manage our problems as climate change and violence.

The images in the video are from NASA and they make them available for distribution. 


The middle part is very prog and melodic with this kind of atmosphere of doom combined with expectation. The tension is there and this feeling of uncertainty where we travel next. The latter part is inspired by space travel and a touch of King Crimson. The continuous guitar that plays the riff never seems to stop almost brings the listener (and the player) under hypnosis. 

I hope you will enjoy this piece of music. It is something to put the headset on and enjoy space travel. My wife is a Sci-Fi writer so who knows there is a connection lol. Enjoy!

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