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The Bee from Delft in the Netherlands came up with this very chilled tune and invited me to write some guitar arrangements that would fit with the saxophone melodies that had already been recorded. 

I added the subtle melodies in the verses, the slide guitar arrangement and the fuzzy guitar melody in the chorus. That last sound was created with a Boss MT-2w distortion pedal and a Jackson guitar. The slide part was played on a Fender Strat. It was great fun this cooperation and fits nicely with the video from the French aerobatic team 'Patrouille De France' flying their Alpha Jets over Dubai. Thank you 'THE BEE' for a great cooperation!!

Singer Rob Harms in the Netherlands has been active for years in the Dutch music scene. With his " Ziggy Stardust Experience" he specialises in bringing David Bowie material to the stage..

The "Heroes" project started in order to fulfil a long time wish of a friend of him, who wanted to participate in recording this truly epic song. When Rob's invitation came to take part I didn't need to think long. So I added the Robert Fripp sounds using an E Bow and the guitar melodies in the Chorus. A true example of on line cooperation and great fun too!

Rihanna's song "Stay" is a remarkable example of emotional power and sensitivity. LTJ added a 12 string acoustic guitar arrangement on top of the staccato  piano. The song is awaiting vocals. 

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