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This video portrays nowadays life, the ratrace we are part of and the threats that we face.

 In our modern times anything can happen any time. The video and the music depicts this never ending balance and unbalance.

Somewhere in the video there is a clock that is going backwards and so is the girl running. But the clocks are ticking...

I have always been a great fan of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour's guitar playing. He mixes very skilfully blues, progressive rock and other tasty ingredients into his own melodic style.

Gilmour certainly inspired my style of lead playing among others and this new recording and video is a homage to his work and fantastic back catalogue. I started with finding the drums in Garage Band and added two clean rhythm guitars that I panned left and right. On the third channel I put the power chords in the middle and on the fourth channel I recorded the high chords with both down strokes and picking.

Next it was time to improvise the lead bit. I didn't prepare that much and just tried to let it come out steered by the emotions and the feel of the tune. I did two takes and just couldn't decide which one to use for the video. In the end I decided on this one.

Then it was time for the video. I used royalty-free clips from In typical Pink Floyd style I decided to highlight the modern world and it's problems, especially regarding war and peace. And that generated the title as well.


I used a Vester Vintage Tradition Les Paul copy and a little Black Star Amp with a Sure M57 microphone.


I hope you will enjoy it. If you do please leave a like and/or subscribe to my You Tube guitar channel. I will be most grateful.

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