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Musician, Guitarist, Recording Projects.

- Latest vocal track: "On my Own"

- Latest instr. track: "The Thunberg Effect"

- Album: "Albatross

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Long Tall J is a Dutch guitarist and musician who specialises in home recording of original material using Logic Pro X. Long Tall J lives in London, UK. His style is a fusion of Progressive Rock or "Prog", Rock, Alternative Rock, Funk and Indie. 

The videos featured on the Home page are:

"THRILL" which is an animated video with a slightly political message while the Indie music is at times mysterious.


"BEAT" which is Long Tall J's latest rock video project that went live on the 12th of May, 2019. The piece has it's origin in melodic hard rock and ends with a classic guitar solo featuring a Wah-wah pedal which was a structured improvisation.  

For more videos and audio tracks go to the "Projects" page and/or the "Tracks" page using the Menu button at the top or the links provided in the text. Enjoy and thank you so much for visiting the website.

So far there are 27 projects on the website. Listening to the early ones you will notice the difference in recording quality. Home recording and music production is very much a "learning by doing" process so Long Tall J decided to keep the early ones as they are a nice illustration of the above. 


Not all tracks have a "Project page". Some tracks are intended for vocals so are unfinished as a complete song.


To check out all tracks go to the "Tracks" page which is connected to the Sound Cloud page that contains all recorded material.

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The first Long Tall J album titled "Albatross" has been released on the 20th of February 2020. The album is streaming on Apple Music / I-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon Music etc. The sleeve was designed and created by Mel Melcer and the album was mastered by Ivan Luzan.


Next is a promotional campaign on Social Media and the production of a video for "On My Own". The Album is for sale for Ten Pound via the website. That includes postage and packing to anywhere in the world. Send a message via the contact page please if you are interested in buying one.


The album features ten tracks of which two are with vocals and the rest is instrumental.

The music is best described as a mixture of prog and rock with the occasional flirt with funk and Indie. 


"The Thunberg Effect", the latest Long Tall J project and intended for the second CD, has gone live on the 26th of March, 2020. Its central theme is climate change and the effect that Greta Thunberg has on this. 

A new project intended for vocals is also in the making. The music and basic mix are ready and soon the work on the vocals will start. You will find it on the Tracks page as Project Nr. 26. A Dutch hard rock singer has accepted the assignment to develop a melody and write the lyrics. . 


"Star" a project inspired by the loss of a small puppy dog of a friend of mine and at the same time commemorating the loss of so many animals in Australia has gone live on the 11th of January 2020. It is a prog piece of nine minutes long.


The project called "René" has gone live on November 21, 2019. It commemorates a very good friend of Long Tall J who passed away in a flying accident this year. The music was done with a backing track and LongTallJ playing over it using his white Strat in David Gilmour style. The guitar sound was created by using three different guitar tracks. One with delay and two with reverb and chorus. The centre track with delay is slightly louder than the two panned tracks in order to create both a direct and defined sound as a spacious sound. The guitar was recorded with a SM57 mike and the Blackstar amp and was mixed with a clean amp signal from Logic Pro X. 





Long Tall J uses a Vester Vintage Tradition Les Paul, a Fender Stratocaster, a Jackson with EMG pick ups and a Yamaha bass. His MIDI keyboard is the Oxygen25 from M-Audio. His only effect pedal is a VOX Wah Wah and he uses a small Blackstar amplifier. On "Epic" he started using an EBow for the first time. For recording he uses Pro Logic X, a Sure M57 microphone, a Roland Quad-Capture, a Shure SRH440 headset and a MAC Pro laptop.