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Available via main streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, I Tunes, Bandcamp etc. 

On I Tunes and Bandcamp it comes with a 15 page booklet. 


Physical cd's available via the Webshop on this site and Bandcamp. 

Tracks 'The Spire':

1   - Wakeman's Tale (feat. Eugene Moiseienko)
2   - The Spire (feat. Amariia)
3   - Don't let them talk to you that way
4   - Seven of Nine (feat. Megabassman)
5   - Sunday Blues (feat. Amariia)
6   - Four Seasons (feat. Mel Melcer)
7   - Falling (feat. Amariia)
8   - Inge (feat. Martin Mens)
9   - Novaya Zemlya
10 - Ten (feat. Megabassman)

The Spire is a symbol of hope and aspiration.

It shows what we can achieve - and yet, there's so much left to improve on for each of us as individuals or whole societies. 

From the eye of a satellite, ours is but a small world. 

We are here together. 

We are The Spire!

With these inspirational words Long Tall J released his third album on the 1st of May, 2022.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine the world has changed. Most of the music was recorded in 2021 and we find three different collaborators from Ukraine on this album. Vocalist Amariia (semi-finalist National Eurovision Song Contest), pianist Eugene Moiseienko and bass player Megabassman. As usual the instrumental tracks are connected to various themes while the vocal tracks mostly deal with relationship.

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'2020' is the second LTJ album released on the 10th of December 2020. It contains Eleven tracks featuring cooperations with Emily V, Amariia and Stan Verbraak. Nine tracks are instrumental. 

The central theme of the album is everything that happened during this year. From Trump to Belarus, from Covid-19 to the Climate Emergency and so on. A deep Prog album taking you on a both happy and at times melancholiac journey. The cover symbolises the wall we are staring at while the stairs symbolise the hope.


If you like to know more about the various tracks click on the links below in the track list which guide you to the project page describing the track. 

You can stream the album via the various streaming services or buy a physical copy via the shop here on the website. 

Tracks '2020':

 1 - Lockdown                                       2 - Got a Loving Fire                           

      (feat. Amariia)                                 3 - Jeff are you Beck?                         4 - But it matters!                               

 5 - Wonders of the World                   

 6 - White Lightning

       (feat. Stan Verbraak)

 7 - Groovy

 8 - Life as it is

 9 - Beat the Logic 

      (feat. Emily V)

10 - The Thunberg Effect

11 - Star

Streaming Links: 

Both albums are streaming on Apple Music, I-Tunes. Spotify, Amazon Music, Bandcamp and many others.

All you need to do is type "Long Tall J" in the search box and they will appear. You can add them to your music library if you like. In some cases you will need a subscription.

Sharing on social media is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!. 

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Tracks Albatross:

  1. On My Own (featuring Amariia)

  2. Sixty

  3. Chernobyl (featuring Martin Mens)

  4. Thrill

  5. Epic

  6. Time (featuring Amariia and Elias Bastiaan)

  7. Albatross (featuring Léon Schmitz & Elias Bastiaan)

  8. Beat

  9. René

  10. Moods

IMG_1971 2.jpg

"ALBATROSS" was the first Long Tall J album and was released on the 20th of February 2020. The album contains ten tracks of which two are featuring vocalist Amariia while the other eight are instrumental. 

The album provides a good cross section of the work of Long Tall J and is best described as a fusion of rock and prog while occasionally flirting with some other styles like funk and Indie.

If you like to know more about the various tracks click on the links below in the track list which guide you to the project page describing the track. 

"Jeff Are You Beck?" on the free PROG CD Nr. 117, February 2021,

Prog Magazine selected "Jeff Are You Beck?" from the album "2020" to feature on the free Prog CD that comes with every issue. 18000 copies.

Buy your copy of Prog Magazine on line or at selected stores and supermarkets.

In April 2021 the track 'Got a Loving Fire' was included on the Free Prog CD with Isue Nr. 119. The track features vocalist Amariia and is a typical fusion track with both blues, Wishbone Ash and Prog as influences. Fusion to the bone lol. 

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