"ALBATROSS" is the first Long Tall J album and was released on the 20th of February 2020. The album contains ten tracks of which two are featuring vocalist Amariia while the other eight are instrumental. 

The album provides a good cross section of the work of Long Tall J and is best described as a fusion of rock and prog while occasionally flirting with some other styles like funk and Indie.

If you like to know more about the various tracks click on the links below in the track list which guide you to the project page describing the track. 

If you like to have a physical copy of the album please send a message using the contact page. The price is Ten Pound and includes postage word wide and packing. Payment via Paypal or any other money transfer. 

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  1. On My Own (featuring Amariia)

  2. Sixty

  3. Chernobyl (featuring Martin Mens)

  4. Thrill

  5. Epic

  6. Time (featuring Amariia and Elias Bastiaan)

  7. Albatross (featuring Léon Schmitz & Elias Bastiaan)

  8. Beat

  9. René

  10. Moods

Streaming Links: 

The album is streaming on Apple Music, I-Tunes. Spotify, Amazon Music and many others.

All you need to do is type "Long Tall J" in the search box and it will appear. You can add it to your library if you like. In some cases you will need a subscription.

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"EPIC" on the free PROG CD Nr. 108, April, 2020.

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