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Long Tall J is a Dutch Prog Rock music producer and guitarist living in London who released his debut album Albatross in February 2020. After releasing two more albums, his fourth one, titled Solidarity, will be out soon on the 1st of March 2024.

LTJ his core style is a fusion of Progressive Rock or Prog and Melodic Rock but he occasionally flirts with other styles like folk, funk and world. 

Most of his early releases contain instrumental music with a strong emphasis on melody while the upcoming fourth album focusses more on vocals next to instrumental work. 

In his early years LTJ played in several bands in The Netherlands. In Groningen he was active in the Harley Street Band and Boa. In Delft and The Hague he played in Naga, The Curtis Darby Band, The Menski Band and the very successful cover band No Erection. 

Around 1996 LTJ took a long break from music that lasted until 2016. In that period he established a career in commercial aviation. But after all this time it was clear that he couldn't let go of music and with the availability of digital home recording he got back into it. 

On the fourth album Solidarity LTJ is supported by nine collaborators of which seven come from Ukraine. This adds extra colour and flavour to his music and although a guitarist, the music is well balanced and not just guitar orientated. 

Musical influences are many but certainly worth mentioning are David Gilmour, Andy Latimer from Camel, Steve Hackett, Kayak, Alquin and Wishbone Ash. Nowadays LTJ is open to anything that connects with his style, which is a mix from old school to more contemporary. He is very impressed by more modern artists like Riverside, Big Big Train and Steven Wilson. And no one beats master guitarist Jeff Beck. 

LTJ will always try to carry a melody in anything he does. He treats his lead guitar playing as a song in a song. The great BB King said: 'Play what you like to hear!"

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