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Don't let them talk to you that way

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2021 is the year we thought in 2020 would be better and without restrictions. It was not to be. More cases and variants and the vaccine rollout starting only later made sure that we were still on hold. Lockdown was reintroduced to keep the number of cases down and to keep hospitals from literally running out of space and equipment. 

Working on material for the third album I felt I had to do something with this and kind of stumbled on this seven and a half minutes long piece. It just happened and came together. I didn't pre-think and designed it.

It announced itself. Just like that...  

The piece consists of three main parts: the first is called 'Inspiration'. A mild guitar piece with just drums that transfers into keyboard based melodies. It shows how we felt when the 2020 lockdown came to an end and things started to look better. At least we thought they did. 

The second part is called 'Desolation'. Synonyms would be great unhappiness or loneliness. Another lockdown was a fact. People were losing loved ones, the economy was suffering. The guitar solos to the background of the almost psychedelic music signify that. The associated emotions are sombre, dark almost neurotic. Slowly the music changes and we arrive in the madness of a covid hospital working at full speed. While the rhythm of the drums drones on and even changes, the insanity of it all doesn't stop until we reach the beginning of the third part. 

The third part is called 'Hope'. After the dark days of the winter the restrictions were slowly reduced and the vaccine campaign started to take effect. But still there were and are so many problems to overcome. Travel restrictions so families and loved ones can't meet.

Inequality and vaccine nationalism. Negativism.

Jazzy chords with melodic counter play by bass guitar sound lonely and eerie but at the same time set the tone for hope. The gentle and slack melody at the end could be the new improved mood or is it deceptive? We don't know. Yet. Only 2021 will tell us!

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