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But It Matters!

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Yes it matters! Because it does. 2020 is a breathtaking year. The Covid-19 crisis, the global warming problem and now the anti-racism protests that started with the unlawful killing of George Floyd.


As a white musician I should not speak for people of colour as again I would be a white person "taking over" while they have to raise their own voices. But as a white person I can speak out regarding my own responsibility. Out of respect. Which is not always easy. Starting with admitting that as white people we continuously benefit from the atrocities of colonialism and slave trade is a start. It is not about re-writing history but about acknowledging it.  

"But it matters!" is my response to everything that happened and is happening this year. When things fade away it will be again easy to forget lessons learned. Newly found respect for each other. Not to cover up history. Addressing inequality. As once all this has 'passed' we need to realise that yes it still 'does matter!' and we have to keep addressing these issues. 

The piece starts with an emotional slide guitar. Once the drums come along it launches into a prog rock theme followed by a riff that builds up with a quint and an octave on top. 

The central theme has a bit of the atmosphere of "Muse". The rock organ underneath provides a solid carpet for the sliding guitar theme that carries the melody along. When we come to the bridge part I wanted to interrupt the atmosphere of the track for a moment using an arpeggiator with an interesting rhythm. The voice chanting "Hold on" is an Apple loop and leads us to the final part which is a repetition of the central theme with an added guitar melody in the low register that winds rhythmically and melodically around the other guitar theme. 

The guitar sounds were done with reverb and a little bit of delay and chorus. All guitars are stereo. The snare drum has a gate on it and a chorus which created a nice effect. 

As the 'final straw' we hear a gently burning campfire with snapping branches. 

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