"Sixty" was inspired by my 60th birthday that I recently celebrated. And by my desire to do a more contemporary tune. 

For my birthday I got a MIDI keyboard from my wife and from my parents in law three guitars: a Yamaha bass, a Jackson with Floyd Rose tremolo and EMG pick ups and a white Fender Stratocaster. I managed to include all them in this project, together with the old trusted Vester Les Paul copy. 

All the guitars have different characteristics and for me it was a first to start experimenting with a tremolo arm.


It has become a trade mark for me to feature "double solos" in my projects.

I couldn't resist to add a few to "Sixty" as well.  

The groove is inspired by Led Zeppelin, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and a bit of Metallica. For the rest it is typical LongTallJ fusion style. 


Putting such a tune together is like an adventurous journey. In the beginning I have no idea what will happen and where it will end. Step by step it takes shape and I get ideas how to mix it. Basically I create it on the spot. Like jamming with your self to collect ideas. The creative process is really fun and satisfying. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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