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Beat the Logic

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"Beat the Logic" started as an experiment making electronic beats and mapping out the tune. Next LTJ started to add arrangements and simply 'observed' what would happen.


A lot of LTJ his musical writing happens on the spot. By jamming to a beat he sees what comes up and starts putting the "core music" together. It can vary from improvisations to parts that are entirely composed, note by note. Next comes finding the right sound, phrasing etc. 

When this project had taken shape LTJ met the American violinist Emily V from California via Instagram. And so the idea was born to have her cooperate on this track.. He sent her the track and she returned six takes that were inserted in the project. The rest was copy and paste and finding the parts that were most suitable. Sometimes it sounds like that you hear two violins at the same time. Correct, on some occasions LTJ inserted two of her tracks at the same place and merged them together which worked out really well and gives the impression that there are two violin players active at the same time. 

This project is Prog in a sense that it transcends stylistic borders and it takes a little bit the "piss" out of the general structure of mainstream music. The great freedom of Prog is that there are not too many rules and limits. The composer/arranger is free to choose the structure that he or she likes. 

This tune ended up being a funny mixture of various styles. The intro is a little bit alt rock with an almost disco like keyboard arrangement followed by lyrical violin and soon changes to a very clean beat with an eighties keyboard and guitar part. The chorus sounds like there is an electronic Irish Bodhran drum accompanying a rock guitar riff and a techno style keyboard part. And on top of that is Irish fiddle. Party time! The bridge part is in symphonic prog style with a spacious sounding guitar and double violin, The bass part consists of two bass guitars that each play a different part.

Emily uses both acoustic and electric violin. She also uses a wah pedal to enhance the electric lead parts that she plays. It was Jimi Hendrix who made this type of pedal famous and Emily is a great fan of him. 

The lead part that Emily plays starts off at 01:16 and is worth mentioning as it has a really nice melody and phrasing. 

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