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"Groovy" started as a traditional funk riff based on two guitar lines with the bass guitar providing the fundament together with the funky drums. 

Then the journey started. How to continue? The inner part was built by experimentation. First by putting down drum patterns and next by jamming to them. Adding little keyboard and guitar parts and inserting sound effects then started to add colour. Slowly it took shape and then came the breakthrough when I decided to add multiple beat samples and mix them with the core drums. It changed the character of the whole tune. It became a mixture of Dance, Prog and Funk. 

The beat never stops in "Groovy" it just changes. Long Tall J his style and preference is to indulge in fusion and to disregard stylistic musical rules and habits. That is the beauty when you are not pushed by an agency or a record label but can just do your own thing.


Once the basic structure was done I had the opportunity to add more "decorations" and this is how the little guitar solo came along that I played on the Vester Les Paul.


The funk theme at the beginning and at the end was played on the Jackson guitar and the more transparent parts were played on my white Fender Strat that you see on the picture.

Now make sure the neighbours are not at home and turn up the volume to 11 and connect that big bass speaker and dance to "Groovy" until you drop.


The white Strat was used a lot on "Groovy".

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