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I have always been in love with double guitar solos so I decided to do a project that would feature them to great extend. Of course the masters of the double solos are Wishbone Ash. They pioneered them to great success and after 50 years Andy Powell's group is still performing on a regular basis. 

The Albatross is an amazing bird and there is no bird that stays airborne for so long. Unfortunately their existence is threatened right now due to plastic pollution and climate change. This instrumental piece is a tribute to the Albatross, the master of independence. 

In the middle section of this piece you will notice some Pink Floyd influences but overall the main influence is Wishbone Ash. So this piece is my tribute to all these great guitar players, whom I really admire for their achievements. Andy Powell, Laurie Wisefield and David Gilmour. All three of them influenced my playing quite a bit.

I used 36 different tracks to create Albatross and immensely enjoyed the process.


Drums were originally created in Holland by Emiel Zwaard from: 

Still not entirely happy it was decided to add real drums and bass. Drummer Léon Schmitz and bassist Elias Bastiaan were hired and did a great job. Thank you so much guys!

And many thanks to Emiel for your patience and research to make this project a success!

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