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"Thrill" was a "thrill to make." As there were some firsts in it for me as a recording artist. For the first time I made some of the drums entirely in MIDI. So building it bit by bit and playing the different parts on my MIDI keyboard. It is also possible to tap it on special pads but I prefer using the keyboard. 

The tune qualifies as an "Indie tune" and is based on three different bass guitar riffs. On top of these I added MIDI piano and some occasional guitar. And I added my own voice for the first time experimenting with phonetic singing. One part has three different voices of which one resembles a human beatbox. 

When you do home recording you don't have a producer like a band in a studio would have. So the comments that I receive from friends and family double function as a producer. They make you think what you can do better and or differently. So a big thank you, especially to Bert Heikema, Emiel Zwaard and Mel Melcer. 

The phonetic singing is quite spontaneous. Some of the words sound Slavic or African. They just come out on the spot.  If I had to think about it I would have no idea what to write lol. 

To conclude I can say that the making of "Thrill" was great fun and a bit "off the beaten track". But that is great as finding style variations and exploring different genres is exciting and rewarding. 

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