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"BEAT"is called like this because it all started with the drums. I wanted a solid beat, lots of variation, breaks and fills. And I wanted to explore the heavy side of my playing. I love variation so that is why there are so many different styles in my repertoire. Of course there is a red wire through all this as I love rock music and I love Prog. And I really appreciate it when a lead guitar player keeps the melody and is not just focussed on playing as many notes as possible per minute. 


The intermezzo in "Beat" was made with MIDI keyboards but it sounded a bit sterile and cold. So as a joke I decided to mix in some applause imagining something visually was happening on the stage and to enhance a certain live feel of the recording. So don't take it too serious lol. 

The lead parts are mostly rehearsed improvisations in order to obtain a certain live feel and wildness that is harder to achieve when you work out a lead note by note. The final solo is done with a VOX wah-wah Model V847.

There are three different bass guitars in the project. Actually all of them were played on my guitar and I use a bass amplifier simulator, equaliser and tone control to get the sound that I am looking for. 

The tune is a little bit influenced by AC DC and Guns and Roses. The both laid back and very dynamic guitar style of Slash is an inspiration for me regarding this type of music. 

VOX wah-wah pedal
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