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Four Seasons

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Four Seasons is an eight minutes plus prog style piece that took considerable time to develop. Overall, material for the third album is more keyboard based. Composing on keyboards leads to different atmospheres so for me being a guitarist this forms a real but interesting challenge. How I interact guitar wise with the different keyboard parts is fascinating as it tempts me to come up with a more supplemental style of guitar playing which is often more subtle and less dominant. It leaves more space overall. 

Four Seasons is about the contrast between the fast and modern but also corrupt and mischievous world and nature as symbolised by "The Four Seasons". The opening shows us the different sides of modern life. Starting with a nervous keyboard leading us to a Pink Floyd style groove. Via a melodic lead part we arrive in a keyboard orientated part with a building dissonant guitar that culminates in a climax after which nature takes over. 


The middle part is more guitar orientated and melodic and is the natural "Nature" part. Soft rolling melodies and gentle soundscapes lead us to the final part that stands for a combination of a better global situation overall and more harmony. And above all hope! This part is musically more or less influenced by King Crimson.  

In the middle part, starting at 04:35, Mel Melcer recites a poem in Polish by Anna Świrszczyńska. It is called "Morze i człowiek. You can see the text in Polish and the translation in the pictures at the bottom of this page.

The production of this piece was not an easy job. To balance and connect all the different parts was quite a challenge. Usually I start with mapping drums. Then I follow up with jamming to them and see what I can find. And slowly part by part I am building the house. It is a different style of composing than with vocal tracks. My keyboard parts are played on a small MIDI keyboard and further perfected in Logic Pro X. Part of the work is creating sounds. Many keyboard sounds that I use are a mixture of multiple core sounds. 

Most instrumental tracks use soundscapes to bring atmosphere, deeper meaning and connection. It is fascinating what you can bring across while not using vocals. 

So now sit back, close your eyes and let it all happen to you while listening to Four Seasons. Enjoy!

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