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Got a Loving Fire

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'Got a Loving Fire' finds its roots in my ongoing appreciation since I was a kid for Wishbone Ash. I was 15 when my school agenda had multiple pictures of them. And that is 46 years ago now haha. Combined with my love for 'Prog' and the freedom that gives, this track became a mixture of both. A bit of rock and a bit of prog. But something was missing still and I decided to add vocals on this track. Most of my music is instrumental where the guitar plays the melody but this one needed to be different. 


So I asked singer Mariia Arkhipova if she had any ideas for this 'song' as I called it now. As we did before she applied phonetic singing to the music and we just gave it a go and did several takes. With copy and paste I put the best parts together and that is how the vocal melody was born. Next I filled in the lyrics based on her singing and actually managed to fit words around some of the lyrics she did spontaneously and subsequently it all came together. 

The lyrics are about a strong and independent woman who is tied up in a for her restrictive relationship she needs to get out of in spite of her feelings. 

Mariia Arkhipova is a singer from Kyiv, Ukraine and writes and performs her own music. Her musical style varies from Alt Rock with electronics to Pop Rock. Thanks to modern day technology and on line cooperation we could work together without distance being an issue. The same way I recently did a cooperation with violin player Emily V from California and Stan Verbraak from Holland.


Get me looking into fire

A runner is your name

Eh So so so so

Honey my desire

Let me burn him in the fire



Get to the stars that let me down

The summer rising off my ground

Get to me, higher margins

I was trying to be cool

And now I know

Get me look in the fire

And my

Soul just that cool

Get me look in the fire

Don’t dare to call my name all night

There’s something better in my life

I’m going down

I’m going to...

Than another cry


Some have been, all and nowhere

You, another hell and not to be sure

Cool, I tried to be honestly not to be

I see the one I have

Give me loving fire

I made a fool, my name oh please

I know I want to be

You wanna be alone




Got a loving fire

Lot of it I’m feeling

Know my game

You can play as long

As I (will) follow in my shame


Got a loving fire

So baby please

Don’t make me bleed

You gonna be

Another falling star


I know the secrets of my self

Another in my name

Falling over


I tried to understand

That wicked game

And nothing’s there for you

Mariia Arkhipova

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