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Jeff Are You Beck?

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'The guitarist's guitarist' is maybe a good way to describe Jeff Beck. His personality, sound, technique and musical choices are just so unique that it is hard to predict what will be next. Winner of numerous awards, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009 as a solo artist and having played and cooperated with numerous well known artists, there is just no end to what appears on his CV. He could have played in the Rolling Stones after Brian Jones passed away and Pink Floyd thought about asking him to replace Syd Barrett but it didn't materialise. 

Beck was born in 1944 and is 76 now. Often there are big gaps between the releases of his albums. Beck suffers from tinnitus which doesn't help of course. He needs his breaks in which he loves to spend time on his "Hot Rod" passion (1932 Ford coupes).


The 'breaks' he takes inspired the title of LTJ his tribute piece: "Jeff are you Beck?" As he is 76 now and because of the Covid crisis you never know what will happen next. Can't wait to see him back in action or enjoy a newly released album. 

Jeff Beck doesn't use a pick. He uses his thumb to pluck the strings, his ring finger to control the volume knob of his beloved Stratocaster and his pink to operate the whammy bar. His sound is like no one else's and there is no point in trying to copy it. Much better is to use what he does as an inspiration in order to get the best out of your own sound and style. Trying to make the best of what you are good at is the way forward. 

And that is exactly what LTJ tried in his tribute to the master. It consists of nine different movements and not a single part repeats itself. LTJ did this on purpose so it didn't become predictable. Just like Beck his music and playing isn't. The piece follows a 'Prog signature' meaning it is like a 'wonderous journey' and incorporates various styles and mood changes.

LTJ hopes you will enjoy listening to his ode to Jeff Beck. Let's hope that we can enjoy the music of one of the greatest living guitarists for many years to come.


Beck Ola!

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