New review of '202'0' by Norwegian website Permafrost.

Great review of the '2020' album by the Dutch Progressive Rock Page.

New piece 'Four Seasons' went live on Soundcloud June 13.

Prog Magazine published issued nr. 119 and on the monthly free CD there is a track from the 2020 album. Got A Loving Fire features alt rock singer Amariia from Kiev, Ukraine. 

The Flying Reporter, an aviation journalist with his own You Tube Channel, recorded an interview with Long Tall J. The link to it is at the bottom of this page.  

A new piece called '2021' intended for the third album went live on the 20th of April via Sound Cloud. It is the 7th piece for the new album. Duration is 07:30 and it is very prog and cinematic. Central theme is the year 2021 with the reoccurring lockdown. 

An acoustic 12 string piece called "Inge" received contributions from voice actor Martin Mens whom we know from the piece 'Chernobyl' that is on the first album. One or two poems by Dutch poet Inge Lievaart were recorded with this piece in the background and went live on the 5th of March.

Radio Xymphonia aired two tracks from the 2020 album. For more information follow the link or check the Reviews page. 

Strutter'Zine published in February a review of the album 2020.


The tribute to Rick Wakeman, called Wakeman's Tale, went live on January 29, 2021. It is possible that the final part will be expanded with a keyboard solo by a Dutch pianist. 


House of Prog and Prog Planet published an identical review of the 2020 album. 




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