On August 4 2020 'Wonders of the World' went live which is the first project featuring odd time signatures and the new 12 string acoustic guitar. 

On June 21 2020 'But it matters!' went live and on May 29 'Life as it is'. Check the Project Pages for more info and to hear the tracks. 

The video for the project that deals with the Covid-19 Crisis called 'Lockdown' was published on Saturday April 25, 2020 on the website, the Long Tall J You Tube Channel and on Facebook. 

For the latest project called 'But it Matters!' a video has been produced by Mel Melcer that went live June 25. The project deals with the year 2020 and mainly the anti-racism protests. 

Strutter Magazine has requested a copy of the 'Albatross" album and will post a review. 

Prog Magazine, that monthly prints about 18000 copies, has included my track 'Epic' of my album 'Albatross' on their free CD that comes with the magazine. Issue Nr. 108, April 2020. You can buy the back issue on line. 

The production for the video of 'On my Own' is delayed due to the Covid-19 crisis. Karen Hope and Mel Melcer hope to get going with the first shoots in end July or August. 

The production of new music for the second CD is ahead of plan. Dutch hard rock singer Stan Verbraak will take care of the track 'Awaiting Rotterdam' while singer Amariia, who also features on the first CD, will take care of 'World on Fire' and 'Spot the Zeppelin'. The music for all three projects can be found on the 'Tracks' page here on the website. The preliminary release date for the CD is early December this year.