LTJ is working on music for the third CD. The track 'World on Fire, a rocky track originally intended for the second Album, will appear now on the third Album.


The piece called 'Sunday Blues' was published at the end of the year 2020. It is kind of atmospheric and based on blues style guitar riffs while the drums are very much to the background which creates a lot of open space possibly to be utilised for vocals. If you like to listen to it go to the Tracks page. 


On January 1 the eight minutes lasting cinematic prog piece about Novaya Zemlya went live. The story of the survival of the Dutch explorer Willem Barents and his crew on the Island, 


Prog Magazine, that monthly prints about 18000 copies, published an A4 size ad for the new album on page 6 of issue 116. Which is for sale from January 1. In issue 117 and 119 there will be a track each from the album 2020 on the free Prog CD. The two tracks are Jeff are You Beck? and Got a Loving Fire with singer Amariia. 

The second Long Tall J album 2020 was released on the 10th of December 2020. It is streaming on all main streaming services. Links on the Home Page. In the web shop here on the site you can buy both albums or buy them together for a discounted price. Postage and packing is included in the price and payment is via PayPal. 

The playlist for the album, titled '2020' is:

 1 - Lockdown 05:40
 2 - Got a Loving Fire (feat. Amariia) 04:17
 3 - Jeff are you Beck?

 4 - But it Matters 03:41
 5 - Wonders of the World 04:30
 6 - White Lightning (feat. Stan Verbraak) 03:41
 7 - Groovy 06:07
 8 - Life as it is 07:26
 9  - Beat the Logic (feat. Emily V) 03:14
10 - The Thunberg Effect 05:55
11 - Star 08:59

Total time: 57:27 

Mastering was done in Kyiv, Ukraine in the Soncesvit studio from Ivan Luzan



Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 22.04.17.png