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Sunday Blues

The blues on Sunday that can't be good. Quite right as this chilled out tune with some bluesy guitar riffs and slide guitar portrays someone with heart break who just broke up with her partner and doesn't want to go back.

A truly sad affair indeed :-(((((

This track was created the same way as 'The Spire' and 'Falling' by LTJ writing the music, phonetic singing to it by singer Mariia Arkhipova and LTJ finishing the lyrics to the vocal rhythm and melody that she created. Files were exchanged on line and Sunday Blues was put together. I hope you enjoy this relaxing track and stay out of trouble yourself! 

Singer Mariia Arkhipova
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Met me 

Fell down


Take me 

Hold on

I can't

Go on 

I am 

The fire inside your heart

Take me

Hold on

Hold on

Take me

Pull back

And now

I'm gone

Far gone

I am

To the picking of my own

I can no not now doubt your embrace

Without your I'm hey

Hey know 

Until the way 

I am the wicked and done

Oooh oooh

Let my

Roam down the way

Can't see them all

I know the way

And now you flee

I'm loving

No one meet me now I'm fleeing

Break up

No more


And indrawn

Want to 

This side of me oh no we hold

Now just shake me up I'm doing it soo much more

Let me feel the one I haven't 

I want to ignore

I want to 


Ah ah

Oooooooh ah

Hold on 

No more 

Don't stay pleading around

Not to be falling apart

Break my heart

And now I'm begging for more

And now I'm holding him for it

Ah ah aahah

Now don't break my heart

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