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The 'Ten Commandments' are the inspiration behind this short up tempo prog piece. Religious indoctrination is as old as religion it self. Once someone believes from the heart in some religion one wants to convert others too which often leads to religious oppression and indoctrination. 

Why can't people leave each other free? And on top of that a lot of this indoctrination is associated with political and financial motives often leading to violent confrontation and war. 

The high tempo and the short duration of this piece symbolise the many different sides of these problems and the powerful impact they can have on society and the individual. This musical setup was chosen on purpose in order not to 'hang around' on one side of the associated emotions. 

Bass guitar on this track features 'Megasbassman' from Kyiv, Ukraine. His powerful yet melodic style is the perfect integration of both a fundament to carry the guitar melodies and a demonstration of the power that is associated with the theme of this piece. 

Images by Pixabay.

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