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The Spire

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The story of 'The Spire' is about someone who is in a deep relationship and feels both constrained and grounded in it. Mood swings and periods of intense longing for independence are taking their toll while the internal fight never seems to stop. But often once someone has released the shackles, the new experience and hard won freedom is not as sweet as one had hoped for. 

The symbol of 'The Spire' is modelled on 'The Shard' near London Bridge Railway station in London, UK. It measures 310m tall and has various restaurants and a champagne bar. With its striking appearance as part of the London skyline 'The Shard' becomes 'The Spire' being the metaphor for the partner in the lyrics of the song. 

The song was written by singer Mariia Arkhipova and LTJ. The music was created first and next were the vocals that were improvised using phonetic singing which was recorded onto a smart phone. Lyrics were created by LTJ based on the vocal rhythm and sent to singer Arkhipova who then went to record in the studio in Kyiv, Ukraine. The vocal tracks were inserted in the project and mixed together in London. A typical example of modern on-line musical cooperation. 

The track starts off a little funky while the verses are quite transparent and supported by a melodic bass line. The bridge part is quite rocky and Mariia her vocals remind us of  Larkin Poe. The chorus is both rocky and melodic with Mariia's numerous backing vocals adding extra charm here.

Singer Mariia Arkhipova


Verse one:

Let's say to someone

What I could do 

The lights have been rising

Have me feeling all over the place

And suddenly

Your heart is on the ground

Enough we are bleeding

To go I was shocked for a moment

It's just how we are fine

Holding on or break you down 

I am rising from the sun

I can put away the moment you were


Never rising from every time

My loving man is on my mind

Tell me one thing 

It will be radical me

Chorus (main):

Until the day I'm dying

Another way I'm crying

And break away, so nervous inside me yeah

I'm falling over and break you down

And suddenly's my heart all around

Chorus (background):

I can hold on

I can escape from this moment

And tear us apart

Without finding and knowing, inside

Verse two:

Try now to live for the moment

Looking up for the star shining bright

The sound of the men falling over

I can have now your soul, want to stay

The tears I cried

The tears I lost

Analysing from it all

Insist I die

Insist I hope

Rising from it

Got it all

Tell me baby I.m fending!!I

ntermediate part:

Holding the parts and saying

Holding my heart and breaking

And there's a moment I will reach you over

Shaking down and no one fool around

They gonna take me down

You wanna pick a lock

Oh body down

I want to break it up

I want to make it know

the one that I'll be yeah ah ah

And tell apart and break my heart

Ahahaha yeah and no one know now where to start

Verse 3:

I can tell the surrender

Let him tear our love yeah

And before there's the ending

I don't know which way to go 

You are the spire!

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