On the 24th of February became true what many feared; The Russian military invaded the democratic nation of Ukraine and started a barbaric war in order to destroy the country and its culture. To replace its government and to demilitarise and purify it from nazi forces according to Mr. Putin. 

By now it is clear that Putin greatly underestimated the fighting spirit and resolve from the Ukrainian population. But at the time of writing it is still totally unclear how long it will take but one thing is sure and that is that Ukraine will be victorious. Russia is not able to win by normal military means so it has reverted to terror bombings and attacking civilians in order to break the morale of the population but this is not working. 

My track 'Ukraine' is a short and emotional piece intended for vocals. The intro symbolises the suffering and the crying by means of a sort of a howling melody. The rest of the track resembles the power of the nation and its resistance. Vocals have been recorded and the track will be released as a single and will be on the fourth album to be released next year. A video for it is also planned. 

Vocalist Amariia from Ukraine (a collaborator on all three LTJ albums) is sourcing, buying and delivering protective equipment, medicine and other aid. If you like to donate to her support project please send a message via the LTJ contact form and I will provide you with all the information that you need to make your donation. Thank you so much!

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