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Wonders of the World

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"Wonders of the World" is the most complicated and time consuming project that LTJ has done to date. The making of it was triggered by LTJ getting an acoustic 12 string guitar that he decided to use in a new Prog project to be included in the second CD.


This is also the first project where LTJ is exploring odd time signatures. In this project there is one part in 5/4 and two parts in 7/8 time.

The theme of the project is to illustrate the differences between the various sites that make up the "Wonders of the World." As different the music is as different the sites are... 

The seven "Wonders of the World" are determined every year by public vote. This year they are: 

1 - Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

2 - Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

3 - Barringer crater, Arizona US

4 - Marianna Trench, Marianna Islands

5 - Don Sheldon Amphitheatre, Alaska

6 - ISS

7 - Caracol, Belize

Further information about these amazing places can be found on line. It must be said that an on line search produces a lot of different "Wonders of the World". Some travel companies love to produce lists offering trips to some of these amazing destinations. 

The musical journey starts off with a melodic intro and directly after that dives into the 5/4 piece that was built on two acoustic riffs with a melody on top played on the white Fender Strat. The third part is a bass guitar melody that floats on top of open acoustic and electric chords. 

In the fourth part we find the only theme that comes back at the end which is also the most rocky part of the project. The guitar line is supported by an organ that gives it an almost classic rock sound. The theme was played on a Jackson guitar. 

The fifth part is based on an acoustic guitar theme with a playful keyboard solo on top and in the sixth part, while changing to 7/8 time, LTJ used a volume pedal combined with the whammy bar of the Jackson to produce some haunting yet melodic sounds. 

If you haven't lost count by now lol then in the 7th part it gets a little noisy with the guitars going all out. After this climax, also in 7/8 time, there is a small intermezzo which leads to the acoustic part with a clean Strat guitar melody on top. 

The two final parts are a repetition of two earlier parts although the final part has a different arrangement. 

When the last noise has died down the sound of a camera shutter is the final act of this musical journey. 

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