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From the Dutch rock and prog magazine "STRUTTER'ZINE" June 2020:



Out of London comes LONG TALL J, a sensational guitarist who originally comes out of my own country The Netherlands. He was kind enough to sent me his album Albatross, which contains 10 songs that musically go into a melodic progressive/classic rock direction. 2 songs feature vocals from guest female singer AMARIIA (from the Ukraine), including the strong opener On my own, with it's excellent vocals a really fine opener. The album is mostly built around Long Tall J.'s superb precise guitarwork which is influenced by bands like WISHBONE ASH and PINK FLOYD. For the drums on the title track he hired LEON SCHMITZ and for the bass ELIAS BASTIAAN. From the instrumental songs the highlights are Sixty, Epic and the titletrack Albatross, while the other vocal featured track should also be mentioned here (Time is a lovely midtempo almost AFTER FOREVER ish midtempo Prog/Symphonic Metal tune). I think he really needs to compose much more material with the wonderful singer AMARIIA, because those vocal songs show that he is capable of writing a really decent vocal tune as well besides the lovely instrumental work he shows us most of the time on this album. More info can be found at:


(Points: 8.2 out of 10)

From website 'Permafrost' in Norway, posted May 27, 2021:



Long Tall J is a Dutch guitarist and music producer living in London, UK, and in 2019 he released his debut album Albatross. His musical style is a fusion of prog and melodic rock. Melody and atmosphere are key to his work and both albums include a number of international cooperation.


Long Tall J is a multiinstrumentalist and he plays almost every instruments on the album. He offers atmospheric and very nice guitar work and instrumental prog with hints of ambient and new age.

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